Lifetime Limited Warranty

John Wiese Ford, Inc. Body Shop 

John Wiese Ford, Inc. Body Shop offers a lifetime limited warranty against defects in workmanship on repairs completed in our shop. This warranty is valid only at John Wiese Ford, Inc. Body Shop and is not binding for subsequent body shop ownership. This warranty is valid to the vehicle owner as long as he/she owns the vehicle, and it is not transferable. John Wiese Ford, Inc. Body Shop will re-repair any defect in workmanship relating to collision repairs and paint work completed in our shop. Included are items such as welding, paint cracking, adhesion, flaking, deterioration, and /or striping/decals. Not included are defects caused by extreme environmental conditions such as rust, rock/sand chipping, and sun fading; as well as any defects caused by accidents, negligence, abuse, or misuse. John Wiese Ford, Inc. Body Shop reserves the right to decide each claim individually and may choose to decline coverage at its discretion.
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